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On completing the week ending Sunday 20 September 2020

Greetings all.

Early in the week I was very buzzy having attended Software Acumen‘s virtual conference Lean Agile Exchange. Overall I really enjoyed the event, which brought together some of their in-person conferences (notably Agile Cambridge, Lean Agile Scotland, and Agile Manchester) in a way that felt nicely cross-pollinatory community-wise. Chatting in the conference Slack got me on to the work of Sal Freudenberg on the psychology of programming, which I’m looking forward to exploring much much more.

Since Thursday evening, I was rather distracted with responding to Sirin Kale’s Guardian long read on dyslexia. I wrote over 1000 words on the matter, but if you want a short version of the adult dyslexic response here’s one from Kate Lister on Twitter. The future’s neurodiverse, and I hope the Guardian can catch-up.

On this note, Gareth Ford Williams wrote a great Medium piece on ADHD & Dyslexic Perspective on Cognitive Accessibility using Cognitive UX Design Principles. I am here as a dyslexic person for what he describes as a “personal trundle through what the inside of my brain is like, using random stuff I found on the internet and unrelated anecdotes”. There are also about a million useful a11y links off it, and so I have it Bookmarked.

Earlier in the week, I listened to Move Beyond Words‘ podcast with Sean Douglas on discrimination and dyslexia. I’m not sure how Douglas’ own Codpast managed to pass me by; perhaps it was living under rock with insufficient social media accounts. Anyhow, I now have two excellent dyslexia podcasts to listen to.

Finally, Adriene (of Yoga With fame) asked me what I was building this week in her weekly Love Letter, and I was all like “this website!”.

Ann 🦉

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