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Belonging in a dyslexic neurominority

I wrote a few months back about having my identity as a dyslexic debated in the Guardian. Pretty soon after that the Telegraph joined in the dyslexia denalism party. I don’t care to name the writer, but you can see what I said to them on Twitter, and how they replied about the idea of speaking with actual dyslexic people about dyslexia.

As someone with a science background and who has met real academics, it is really bizarre to me that journalists continue to confuse the messy science of dyslexia and academics having arguments as “news” worth writing about.

For the people in the back: anyone writing to deny the existence of dyslexia harms dyslexic people. Writing of this kind takes from us the ability to understand ourselves as dyslexic, and to be understood by others as dyslexic.

The truth about dyslexia is that it isn’t really about reading. This is I suspect a surprise to just about everyone except those of us who are actually dyslexic, and our close family and friends. Our big secret is that it’s actually a great deal more than that.

And the joy of this is that the way we think can connect us as dyslexic people.

Ann 🦉

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