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The saw-whet owl in the Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree

At the end of November 2020, a small Northern saw-whet owl was found in the branches of the Christmas Tree delivered to Rockefeller Centre on Manhattan Island in New York City.

A picture of the owl peering out from a cardboard board went viral. There were only a few end bits of the branches of the tree with her in the box.

Peering out from a cardboard box in the middle of Manhattan is not the context in which we should try to understand this owl. She needs to be in her tree, and both her and the tree need to be in the forest of which they are a part.

Imagine if you spent your whole life in a cardboard box as your hermeneutic rather than the forest.

Ann 🦉

Full story including the successful release of the owl to her forest recounted here in Nat Geo; and yes, Northern saw-whet owls do fluoresce under UV light.

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