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Tag: anxiety

Small demons

My dyslexia demons are small but persistent. They are not mighty because of their size but because of their number. They are agile in the truest sense, never missing an opportunity.

They are the spelling errors and the typos that I cannot see in my writing. They are suddenly needing to know right from left. They are needing to type “yes” and “no” into tiny little boxes on a website in an order that matters.

They are the anxious thoughts of all of these small things happening many times over.

I had a bad day this week. I was completely defeated by my demons. I think the worst thing was that they were the kind that exist only in my head but insist they will become real. Believe me, it was awful.

Mostly, though, I have good days. My demons are still there but they’re just pesky and I can corral them a bunch of soot sprites. You wouldn’t notice them unless you knew what you were looking for.